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About us

Feeling everyday like it's a Monday? Grateful for your best friend for no particular reason? Fanboy or a fabgirl? And the questions go on, and on. 

We, at HappyEveryday, will come up with all the answers and make your occasion a happy one. Spread love with our range of handmade products. Products that bring elation, excitement and envious eyes. And also, bubble wrap! 

Find pride in your possessions! :) 

An architect comes up with a not-your-ordinary design studio with wit, humour, enthusiasm and love being her elementary tools. Stationary for your work-desk to gifting variety for your loved ones, wall decor to home styling, eliminating the boring to adding a unique touch is everything they bring to the table. Since past five years, HappyEveryday is taking conscious efforts to personalize the products and spread happiness. Because its all about being happy, everyday!